Zeigarnick effect reading-for tom mutunga

1 page single space, half page for each question,


Answers incorporates topic of reading into response, and adds personal reflection (knowledge gained from reading and applied or reflection on) 

*The teacher is looking for personal experience/examples related to the reading. Please provide lots of examples


Discussion Board Question [DBQ] #1  There is a long list of marketing gimmicks that can be used togain a competitive edge. “Zeigarnik Effect” is one of them coined after a research madeby a Russian psychologist Dr. Bluma Zeigarnik. Name one advertisement that illustrates the Zeigarnik effect.  Attach the advertisement or a link and explain how your advertisement illustrates this effect.


DBQ#2  What is another tactic you have seen (other than the Zeigarnik) that advertisers have used that gained your attention?  Name one, and attach example or link.

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