Week seven major paper | Psychology homework help


Week 7 – Major Paper

Submit your research paper applying evolutionary theory to current issues and challenges in society and the workplace with regard to diversity. Please include explanations of how Evolutionary topics such as each one of the following influence diversity:

  • in-group/out-group processes
  • nepotism
  • cronyism 
  • gender identity
  • ethnicity
  • religion
  • age
  • disability

 As this is your major paper, you are expected to address this topic up to academic exhaustion. Make sure that prior to writing, you open and look at the rubric that will be used for grading this document so that you can be certain to include all the appropriate sections and aspects in your writing. Further, make sure that you realize this is a Major Paper Assignment and the depth, breadth, and scope of this work should be appropriate. This document is expected to be a minimum of 15 pages of text proper (not including references or title page), and MUST provide clear demonstrations of both critical and creative thought.    Submit your assignment by clicking on the assignment title. This assignment is due by Sunday.    grading rubic and relates it to the bigger picture in the field of interest. Student also describes future areas that can be studied in this area.APA FormatPoints Range:0 (0.00%) – 10.35 (10.35%)Points Range:10.5 (10.50%) – 11.85 (11.85%)Points Range:12 (12.00%) – 13.35 (13.35%)Points Range:13.5 (13.50%) – 15 (15.00%)Manuscript meets APA standards and includes Major and subsection headings, in-text citations, appropriate references, appropriate mechanics and grammar.Paper Length RequirementsPoints Range:0 (0.00%) – 10.35 (10.35%)Paper is less than 9 pages of text proper.Points Range:10.5 (10.50%) – 11.85 (11.85%)Paper is between 9 and 12 pages of text proper.Points Range:12 (12.00%) – 13.35 (13.35%)Paper is between 12 and 15 pages of text proper.Points Range:13.5 (13.50%) – 15 (15.00%)Paper meets the requirements of 15 pages of text proper.

Name:Week 7 Major Paper 

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