Socialization and deviance | Sociology homework help


Please post thoughtful responses and comments to the following questions. After you post your answers, read your class members’ postings. Do you find any interesting postings? Comment on those postings and discuss different thoughts.

Please post thoughtful responses and comments to the following questions.

  1. Watch the video ‘Socialization’ under the Week 4 Content and read ‘Socialization’ from Week 4 Learning Resources. Define socialization. Explain how you have been socialized via the agents of socialization. What does your socialization tell you about the importance and limits of socialization?
  2. Based on your observations or/and your own experience, when are adolescents more likely to listen to their parents or to their peer groups when making decisions? What types of dilemmas lend themselves toward one social agent over another? Explain using an example.
  3. What did George Herbert Mead mean by ‘self?  Explain the steps of the development of the self. Do you think where you are in the development of the self now? Why?
  4. Watch the videos, ‘Gang Member-Turned-Ph.D. Mentors Youth on the Fringes,’ and ‘Dr. Victor Rios- Street Life: Poverty, Gangs, and a Ph.D.’ Discuss your reaction of the videos.
  5. Sociologists stress that the definition of what is deviant varies from time to time and from place to place. Define the concept of deviance, and provide an example how a deviant behavior can vary depending on the historical time, place, and culture from your own experience.
  6. Explain the major ideas of labeling theory, including the concepts of primary and secondary deviance, and stigma. Explain how the primary deviance turns to the secondary deviance using an example.
  7. How does differential association theory explain how people learn to be and deviant or/and criminal? Explain using an example.

 Openstax Intro to Sociology – Chapter 5 & 7 –

Introduction to Sociology – Socialization –

Deviance, Crime, and Social Control –

Gang Member-Turned-Ph.D. Mentors Youth on the Fringes –

Willard Presents: Dr. Victor Rios- Street Life: Poverty, Gangs, and a Ph.D. –

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