Research, topic and development of a purpose

 1. Please search for a journal article relevant to an area of interest to your studies (e.g.  ICT in Education, Special Educational Needs and Inclusion, Leadership and Management in Education)

Following the steps for conducting a literature review please write the process that you will follow providing examples from your chosen article. For your own benefit, you can number them (e.g. Step 1 and then link the appropriate example based on the article). (400 words)

2.  Present a topic related to Education that requires to be examined. Present the rationale for choosing this topic. Also, refer to the kind research approach that you will use to examine it.  (400 words)

3.  Develop a research purpose and one research question related with the topic that you have provided in question 2. (400 words)

 Don’t remember to provide reference using APA ref system 

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