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Organizational culture is viewed as a collective structure which is controlled by universal ideas, traditions, values and theories. Notably, these ideals and beliefs are generally shared by the individuals in the organization; it is important to note that, sharing of the values and beliefs in an organization such as healthcare organizations impact the conducts of the nurses based on their jobs, actions and dressing codes. I believe that, organizational culture for example teamwork, constancy, hostility, emphasis on workers, results and innovation can create affirmative effect over the company, however, it can as well create more burden to the nurses who work in the healthcare sector. For example, I believe that, barriers like conflicts between the nurses, dejected workers, lack of communication as well as lack of trust among nurses can make nursing leaders become helpless and ineffective. This indeed becomes daunting for the nursing leaders and it can eventually promote a negative effect on the healthcare setting including patients.
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An organizational culture, as defined by Nightingale in her article, are “ideas, customs, behaviors, mission, beliefs, etc. that define the environment of an organization.” (Nightingale, 2018). We like to believe that these concepts are all positive but there are things within an organization’s culture that do make nurses and other staff powerless. Some barriers that would have a negative effect would be shortages of resources and supplies, not enough staff to support the patient census, bullying in the work place, and lack of available time to meet with administration to propose new ideas. Unfortunately, barriers can cause struggles between nurses and nursing leaders. A good nurse leader will rise above the barriers and continue with a good attitude while promoting the employer to the rest of the nurses and staff to ensure a calm throughout the nursing departments.


Nightingale, A., (2018). Nursing Standard. Developing the Organisational culture in a healthcare setting. Retrieved from:

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