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Privacy Policy

Who are we

Our website address is:

Our company is fully committed to maintaining the highest level of privacy for our customers’ data. As such, the information below contains our privacy policy. In case you have a pending privacy issue, please contact our third-party dispute resolution provider whose services are free of charge.

Our identity and scope of the privacy policy

We are the company behind this website, offering freelance writing services to our customers.

Our privacy policy covers every form of data that we collect about you from our website, mobile applications, and other services on our site, such as plagiarism check. The details contained include the type of data we collect, how we use it, and the storage process of the information.

How do we gather your data?

The majority of the information gathered from our clients is collected directly from them with their consent. The data can be also be received from third parties whom you have consented to share the information with us or through our partners who work for us.

How can you give your information with consent?

Type of data we collect about you

The first category of data that we automatically collect ones your visit our website includes your IP address, the device in use, and how you interact with our website.

The second category is your personal information, which is processed via our system. This data includes your country, email, name, username, phone number, and city/state/ZIP code/ address.

Why we collect your personal data

Who might we share your information with?

Third parties may have access to your personal information only:

Some of the third parties that we may share your information with include the marketing team who provide promotional material and our subcontractors for use in the performance of their contract.

Aggregated Data

We may also provide aggregated data, which constitutes of statistics, to third parties upon your approval.

Storage of your Personal Data

Ones you accept our privacy policy, your data is processed and stored in our servers. The information is also encrypted for security purposes.

Why do we process your personal data?

We process your personal data because:

Transmission of Data

Your personal data may be transmitted through the internet, which is often an insecure process. Nonetheless, we commit to ensuring that the information is secure in the best way possible by encrypting the data.

How long is your personal data kept?

We only maintain your data:

Failure to disclose your Personal Information to Us

Your personal information is essential to facilitate the establishment of a contract with our company. Therefore, we may be unwilling to provide our services if you refuse to provide the required information.

Your rights

Our company is fully committed to respecting the following rights that govern your personal data:

You have the right to remain informed on what, why, and how we use the personal information gathered from you.

You have the right to request your data to be erased from our server unless it is required for legal reasons.

You have the right to object to the processing of your data by our company.

You have the right to access data held about you by our company.

You have the right to launch complaints to a supervisory authority if the company does not address your concerns

You have the right to withdraw any consent granted to the company in terms of processing your data and sharing it with a third party.

We are obligated to make changes to any inaccurate or incomplete data that we hold about you. Also, a third party who holds similar data is obligated to ensure that it is amended accordingly. 

You may consent for your personal data to be stored in our server but object the processing of the data. At our company, you have the right to restrict any form of data processing unless you ask us to do so.

Age Limitations

            In conformance with the law of contract, we do not allow persons below the age of 16 years to use our services. Any knowledge of anyone younger than 16 years using our services will lead to the erasure of their personal data from our server.

Changes to the privacy policy

All account holders will be notified of any changes in our privacy policy via email or on our website. Please, carefully review any changes made, and if you consent to the alterations, you may continue using your account.

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