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Using the resources from the CORE book, the videos and reading resources from Module 5, develop a 2.5 pages, single-spaced, 12-font, 1-inch margin (do not use a header, just include your work) essay to address the following: thoroughly define phonics; thoroughly explain the process of phonics development by providing examplesthoroughly explain the importance and role of phonics skills for the development of reading  skills by providing examplesexplain 2-3 strategies that teachers can implement to develop phonics skills in the classroom and explain how these strategies work (listing the name of the strategies will not fulfill this section of your essay).

Your essay must demonstrate a deep understanding of phonics skills and its importance for the development of literacy skills. Essays that do not show this depth of knowledge will not receive full credit. 

Links to be used are listed below:;jsessionid=8BF6539B1843A2EA7BB7B512915C998D?doi=

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