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Our Guarantees

We guarantee and remain firmly committed to providing you with an authentic paper that meets your specifications. This promise is achieved by taking your professor’s instructions into account from the onset to the completion of the paper. We also guarantee a non-plagiarized work by ensuring that we meet all the plagiarism policies set by various institutions. Furthermore, we promise free revisions as outlined in our terms and conditions to satisfy your needs. Where complaints arise, our quality assurance department is prompt to intervene and make the ultimate decision regarding the way forward.

Money-Back Guarantee

Our policy grants our clients the right to request for a refund in case they terminate their contract with us or if they are unsatisfied with the product. We rarely have such encounters, but if they happen, our specialists will review the complaint and make an ultimate decision within fourteen days.

Can I cancel my order?

It is possible to cancel an order you had placed with us and get a 100% refund- if a writer is yet to be assigned. However, if a writer is already assigned, and a half or less of the stipulated deadline lapses, you will only receive a 50% refund of your money. Please remember that this is done to compensate the writer for the work done.

It is also worth noting that your money cannot be reimbursed if the order has already been completed and delivered within the stipulated deadline. However, you can press the “Refund” button to request a refund in scenarios where the submitted paper fails to meet your specifications and the dispute manager will intervene and make a final decision. When the decision is made, it cannot be contested.

If I am entirely unsatisfied with the paper and I wish to do it myself, can I request a full refund?

In scenarios where you are unsatisfied with the paper done by our writers, you can apply for a free revision request within seven days in which the writer will make the necessary changes. Alternatively, you may request a revision and have a different writer work on the amendments. In case you are entirely dissatisfied with the paper and are yet to approve it, you can also request for a refund.

If you claim to do the paper yourself, you are required to provide proof of it by providing our team with your version of the assignment within seven days. However, your document will not be saved in our system, and it cannot be shared with another party. We will then cross-check the two versions to ascertain that our writer did not meet the required standards. Ones the dispute manager is satisfied with the proof, you may get up to 100% reimbursement of your money.

I am not fully satisfied with the paper, and I wish to revise it myself. Can I ask for a partial refund?

In case the delivered paper is not satisfactory, you can apply for a free revision and changes will be done for you by the writer. However, if you wish to revise the paper yourself, you may click the “Refund” button and apply for a partial refund. Nevertheless, you are required to show proof of the document you have revised yourself within seven days for consideration for the partial refund. In this case, if the dispute department is satisfied by the proof, under their discretion, you can get up to 20% partial refund.

Can I apply for a refund in case my paper is late?

If the cause of the late paper is due to late submission of materials and instructions by the client, the refund may not be processed. However, if our writer exceeds the deadline and the paper can no longer be used, you can receive a refund. Also, if a revision is late, the entire price of the order does not apply for a refund. In such a scenario, we reimburse up to 20% of the amount under the dispute manager’s discretion.

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