Nine-page socratic dialogue | Article writing homework help

compose a nine-page dialogue in which Socrates (or Confucius) applies critical thinking to debunk a conspiracy theory. Instructions in Kreeft, SocraticLogic,P344-347.


Each criterion is assigned a value of 10% towards a total of 100% from the ten criteria.

Initial question arising from ordinary situation or conversation (#2, p.346) 

Socrates as questioner, not as preacher (#4, p.346; #3, p.347)

 Socratic irony (##5-6, p.346) 

Spiritual therapy and missionary work (##7-9, p.346)

 Definition of question (##1-2, pp.346-7)

 Socratic strategy (#5, p.347)

 Dramatic interest, turning on a key point (##6-7, p.347)

 Conclusion, either by way of closure or intimations (#9, p.347)

 Historical fidelity (#10, p.347)

 Spiritual fidelity (#4, p.345)

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