Neoclassical leader paper | Business & Finance homework help

Write a 4-page response (APA 7, double-space) summarizing what you have learned from ONE of the identified leaders about their leadership and why these points are important to you personally.

Describe the leader/writer’s 1) life, 2) his or her historical time, and most importantly 3) what you think made him or her a great leader (or thought leader). Use any one of the following neoclassical leaders:

  • Abraham Maslow.
  • Chester Bernard,
  • Frederick Herzberg,
  • Henry Mintzberg,
  • Margaret Wheatley,
  • Mary Follet,
  • Peter Drucker,
  • Robert Greenleaf,
  • William Deming.

Please cite your references if you are using quotes (remember that I want to see your understanding of the quote, not just the quote – use quotes minimally).  Suggestion:  one quotation (citation) per page.

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