Mod 3 proposal for research


Explore problem-solving skills for business analysis.


You work for a taxi service in a large urban area. As the rideshare industry has continued to expand and while companies like Lyft and Uber dominate the marketplace, taxi services have struggled to compete. Rideshare service is faster and in most cases cheaper and now, with the ability of rideshare companies to gain licenses to pick up and drop off at your airport, you are really trying to find innovative ways to stay relevant. You know that there is a certain demographic that will not use companies like Uber or Lyft due to fear of technology, as well as safety concerns. You want to find out what that demographic is and develop a targeted strategy to reach those potential customers, and retain those that you still have.As marketing manager for your company, you will work to define what your target market will be. In order to do this, you will first need to do background research to understand the competitive environment. You will also want to know what demographic your company caters to, and what their likes and dislikes are about taxi services. The same information will need to be gathered about rideshare customers. You will gather this information by developing a survey to be distributed via social media.To accomplish this, you have decided to create a proposal to present to senior management that lays out your plan for constructing your survey and how the survey will help you develop a marketing strategy to increase your business.


Using Microsoft Word, create a proposal that defines the problem your company is facing and how you will design your research to address the issue.

  • Create an introduction that defines the problem. Include an overview of the competitive landscape using three outside sources ( Rasmussen library databases, websites, annual reports).
  • Present four demographic questions that address your research problem. Be sure to identify the measurement scale you are using and why. ( nominal, ordinal, ratio, interval)
  • Present four questions related to taxi services will help you understand customer likes and dislikes. Be sure to identify the measurement scale you are using and why. ( nominal, ordinal, ratio, interval)
  • Present four questions related to rideshare companies that will help you understand likes and dislikes. Be sure to identify the measurement scale you are using and why. ( nominal, ordinal, ratio, interval)
  • Explain why you are using social media to distribute your survey.
  • Write a conclusion that explains how your research findings will be used to inform your marketing strategy.

Please follow the business Proposal format outlines below


 the basic elements of a business proposal are described as follows:

  • Cover letter
    • Provides a brief overview of your proposal, your company, and your qualifications.
  • Title page
    • Includes your name, the name of the company, the name of the person or company the proposal is being submitted to, the data of submission, and title.
  • Executive summary
    • Provide key pieces of information in order to state your case or business argument. It will be read by key decision-makers, so be clear, concise, and convincing. 
  • Body/procedures section
    • Provide detailed and technical information here. Areas sometimes included are: price, training, implementation approaches, and support options. Legal experts advise scaling back some of these areas if your proposal is unsolicited, since proposals can become binding contracts.
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