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We have talked about Mission, Vision, Competitive Advantage, Sustanable Competitive advantage and SWOT analasis.  Recently we began to work on cases that draw upon an understanding of the concepts and analytical frameworks  of Strategic Management.  

One of the critical aspects of Strategic Managment is using the Porter Five Forces model to determine the degree of attractivness or not of a particular industry.  This model asks you to think as a strategic leader evaluating whether or not to seek to break into a market.  The model is descibed in your text.  It is summarized as an Addendum as well which we used in class.

The question is:  “run a product or business idea through the Five Forces model.”  In other words, use the model to critically evaluate whether it is an attractive propositiion.  Use as an example of an emergent industry:  Air Fryers.  They are hot – literally and figuratively.  They are relevant, they are easily researchable and this market is a good fit for the FIve Forces Model.  

In this discussion, conduct this analysis and come to a Conclusion as to whether or not you would seel to enter the market or stay in the market if you are already there.  What is your conclusion and what is your rationale.  Think like a business consultant who has been hired by your organization to perfore such analysis and provide a conclusion. 

250-350 Words

Primary post by Saturday midnight, and a response post by next Tuesday at midnight, also of the same length.  After reading about this model in the text please do some external research as you work on your analysis – that research may help in reaching a sound conclusion.

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