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Reflection Paper 2 (The Physical Environment) 

Adapted from the Active Learning Exercise on p. 226 in Ch. 7 (Hutchinson, 2019). Respond briefly to each of the questions, using in-text cited content from this chapter to reference support for your thoughts and conclusions.

Take a walking tour of your neighborhood. Using examples, do you see any signs of stimulus overload and restricted environmental stimulation in the physical environments? Explain supported by in-text cited content. (4 points)

What signs do you see of people engaging in territorial behavior? Do you see any behavior settings in which specific programs are enacted? How well do people seem to be caring for the natural environment? Explain. Are there places in the neighborhood to which you have a strong attachment bond? Explain. Do you note any of the design features to improve accessibility for persons with disabilities noted in Exhibit 7.7? What effects do you think the neighborhood might have on children, adolescents, and elderly adults? Explain and discuss for each.

This paper is to be written in essay paragraph form and submitted at the submission site under Assignments only in a Microsoft Word document, double-spaced in size 12 type. In-text cited content is to be in APA format: if paraphrasing content, then followed by (author’s last name, year of publication). If minimal quoted content is used, then it should followed by (author’s last name, year of publication, page number). A bibliographical reference should be written at the end of the paper. Students need a cover page with name and title. This paper is to be no longer than 4 pages not counting the cover page and bibliographical reference. 

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