Map concept | Anatomy homework help

You have to create a map where it will be You must include, but are not limited to, the following terms in your map.

*All terms must have at least one connection, and all connections must have an explanation

Prior to beginning your concept map please view Concept Map Directions and Examples.pdf

Terms to include:

1. Carbohydrate

2. Fat

3. Protein

4. Adipose Tissue

5. Liver

6. Free Fatty Acid

7. Glucose

8. Amino Acids

9. Pi

10. Glycogen

11. Amino Acids

12. Glycolysis

13. Krebs Cycle

14. Electron Transport Chain

15. Oxygen

16. Hydrogen Electrons

17. FADH2

18. NADH + H+

19. ATP

20. Epinephrine

21. Phosphofructokinse

22. Isocitrate dehydrogenase

23. Cytochrome oxidase

24. Acetyl CoA

25. Cori Cycle

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