Legacy paper | American history homework help

You will choose any chapter out of the main textbook, , from which to write your paper.  You may choose a chapter that we don’t cover in class.  The paper should contain two major sections:

Part I:  A description of one of the major topics addressed in the chapter.  This should include a brief history and specifically incorporate the five key economic principles of the course.

  1. People choose, and individual choices are the source of social outcomes.
  2. Choices impose costs.
  3. Incentives matter.
  4. Institutions matter and influence choices.
  5. Understanding based on knowledge and evidence imparts value to opinions.

Part II:  An explanation of how that historical event or topic influences our lives today.  This should include at least two examples of current institutions and/or evidence of its influence.

The paper should be three to five pages, single-spaced with one-inch margins and 12-point font.  The paper is due by the start of class on Thursday, April 5.  You must electronically submit your paper to Canvas.  Paper copies and email attachments will not be accepted.

Here are two examples of “A” papers.

attached is also the link for the book 

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