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Programming Assignment # 8 A. Purpose of Program Using files as input and output B. C. Exercise My Credit Card Company has a file that called “BeginningBalance.dat” which contains the following information: • Customer number – integer • Beginning Balance – double • Purchases – double • Payments – double The company charges 1% of the beginning balance for finance charges. Write a Java program that does the following: • Read in the file, calculates the finance charge per customer • Display all information to the monitor including finance charge and outstanding balance • Creates an output file called “NewBalance.dat” that contains customer number and new balance. D. Notes and Comments E. Example input and output BeginningBalance.dat should look like this: 111 100.00 200.00 50.00 222 200.00 300.00 100.00 The display should look like this: Cust No Beg. Bal. Finance Charge Purchases Payments Ending Bal. 111 100.00 1.00 200.00 50.00 251.00 222 200.00 2.00 300.00 100.00 402.00 Totals 300.00 3.00 500.00 150.00 653.00 NewBalance.dat should look like this: 111 251.00 222 402.00

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