Forms of elder abuse | Psychology homework help

Develop an argument that compares two or more types of violence in a specific way with elder abuse, such as the root causes, the impact on victims, society’s perception of the crime, or our response to the crime. How are they similar or different. 

Paper must be 5 pages, doubled spaced.

Must include the 4 articles listed below.

Begin with an introductory paragraph that includes a clear thesis statement.

Develop a well-designed, compelling argument throughout the paper. Each paragraph should relate back to the thesis statement.

Demonstrate critical analysis of the articles and topics.

Use proper grammar and spelling, as well as APA-style citations and references.

Conclude with at least one paragraph on implications for social work.

USE REFERENCES LISTED BELOW: You may use others as well, but the 4 below are REQUIRED.

Beaulaurier, R.L., Seff, L.R., Newman, F.L., & Dunlop, B. (2007). External barriers to help seeking for older women who experience intimate partner violence (Links to an external site.). Journal of Family Violence, 22, 747–755.

Burnes, D. R., Rizzo, V. M., & Courtney, E. (2014). Elder abuse and neglect risk alleviation in protective services (Links to an external site.). Journal of Interpersonal Violence,29(11), 2091–2113.

DeLiema, M., Gassoumis, Z. D., Homeier, D. C., & Wilber, K. H. (2012). Determining prevalence and correlates of elder abuse using promotores: Low-income immigrant Latinos report high rates of abuse and neglect (Links to an external site.). Journal of The American Geriatrics Society, 60(7), 1333–1339.

Donovan, K., & Regehr, C.. (2010). Elder abuse: Clinical, ethical, and legal considerations in social work practice (Links to an external site.). Clinical Social Work Journal, 38(2), 174-82.

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