Discussion question | Government homework help


After week 3-4 readings and assignments, you should be able to discuss the following:

“American Federalism was born in ambiguity, it institutionalizes ambiguity in its forms of government, and changes in it tend to be ambiguous too”


Please use the following textbook as reference:

  Stephens, Ross G., and Nelson Wikstrom. 2007. American Intergovernmental Relations: A Fragmented Federal Polity. Oxford University Press (ISBN: 978-0-19-517202-7).    

Week 3

Stephens and Wikstrom, Ch. 2, (23-44)

Wright, “Models of national, State, and Local Relationships” (O’Toole, Ch. 2)

Week 4

Stephens and Wikstrom, Ch. 3, (45-75)

Commisa, “Governments as Interest Groups” (O’Toole, Ch. 9)

Bowman, “Trends and Issues in Interstate Cooperation” (O’Toole, Ch.10)

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