Discussion post 3-4 paragraphs –visual perception disorders | PSYC 4002 – Brain and Behavior | Walden University

– A summary about color agnosia. Include the brain area(s) responsible for the condition. 

  • Discuss the symptoms of the condition or the common problems that people with this form of brain damage often experience. 
  • Briefly summarize the journal article that you selected ( the article is attached), detailing the underlying neurobiology of the condition. 

-If you had this condition, explain what everyday life would be like including its impact on your occupation, relationships, and leisure time.

– Include how the condition might affect your behaviors and experiences in these settings. 

-What are some adaptations that you could make that would ease the effects of this condition?

References MUST come from: 

  1. Course Text: Garrett, B., & Hough, G. (2018). Brain and behavior: An introduction to behavioral neuroscience (5th ed.). Los Angeles, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. 

Chapter 10, “Vision and Visual Perception”

  1. Colour agnosia impairs the recognition of natural but not of non-natural scenes (the article is attached)
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