Cultural humility | Social Science homework help

 Prepare a paper between 9-10 pages that addresses the following parts.Part 1. Watch and take detailed notes on the following two videos:1.   Cultural Humility: People, Principles and Practices a 30 minute documentary by San Francisco State professor Vivian Chavez, that makes his poetry with music, interviews, archival footage, and images of community.   The Importance of Cultural Humility – Produced in conjunction with the University of Buffalo School of Social Work Institute for Sustainable Global Engagement by Sarah Richards-Desai, MSW and Dr. Laura Lewis. This video defines the concept of cultural humility and highlights related components. Cultural humility is defined as an ongoing process of self- reflection and self-critique. It entails working collaboratively with clients, and embracing difference. Students, faculty and practitioners reflect on the role of cultural humility in their work and share their insights. 2 – Describing Cultural Humility- Provide answers to the following questions based on the videos (2-3 pages):1.   One theme is a contrast between cultural competence and cultural humility. In your own words, describe cultural competence and cultural humility and describe how you see them relating to one another.2.   Describe how personal narrative and self-reflection are beneficial in developing cultural humility.3.   Highlight the role cultural humility plays in social work practice.Part 3 – Reflecting on Cultural Humility – Provide answers to the following questions based on the videos (5 pages):1.   How do you react to the idea of continually learning about your clients’ backgrounds and the systemic factors that oppress populations? 2.   How is this reflected in social work professional development?3.   There are different voices and experiences represented in the videos. Which phrases or thoughts stood out to you?4.   Is there anything you would say reflects your own ideas? What do you disagree with?5.   Describe a scenario in which you (or someone that you know) experienced cultural humility (or lack thereof) in an interpersonal exchange. Consider the cultural context in which this occurred, and reflect on and evaluate your response.Part 4 – Action Steps toward Cultural Humility. Provide answers to the following questions grounded in your own personal or professional experiences (2 pages):1.   Describe the types of actions or competencies reveal cultural humility to you?2.   Describe three ways that you can recognize and develop cultural humility social work practice. 

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