Case 3 assignment | Operations Management homework help

After carefully reading the Module background materials, and Section III – Structures with Functions, please submit a PowerPoint presentation to include speaker’s notes for your slides.

You are the CEO of your facility and need to present a PowerPoint presentation to your staff regarding the Joint Commission survey that is coming within the next survey window. In at least 10 PowerPoint slides (excluding cover and reference page slide) include in your presentation the following:

  1. How you will prepare for the survey. Give timelines and preparation process.
  2. Set a date for when the Joint Commission will be at your facility (you can make this up) and then provide dates on your timeline as to what will need to be completed before their visit to your facility.
  3. How will the departments prepare for this survey and who will be responsible for departments such as the ER, ICU, etc.?
  4. What will be done once the survey process is over?
  5. Your role as CEO of the facility.

Assignment Expectations

You must include speaker’s notes for your slides. You must also cite peer-reviewed articles as well as the background materials.

Please submit your Module 3 Case Assignment by the last day of this module.


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White, R. (2017). The hospital administrator’s emerging professional role. Administering Health Systems, 51-69.

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