Apa, 750 word paper (not including the title, abstract, and reference

Biblical integration Project Assignment Instructions


The purpose of the individual biblical integration paper is to explore the topic of servant leadership in a non-exhaustive scholarly manner that will be useful in your chosen field. In this individual project, learners will be able to demonstrate comprehension of man-centered (contemporary/worldly) and Christ-centered (biblical) servant leadership as it relates to leadership assumptions and methods. Learners will be able to analyze servant leadership theories and the characteristics and differences between man-centered (contemporary/worldly) and Christ-centered (biblical) servant leadership. The individual paper must cover the following topics:

o A biblical analysis of the key ideas associated with the man-centered servant leadership (contemporary/worldly) perspective.

o A biblical foundation for Christ-centered (biblical) servant leadership.


Please be sure to follow the assignment instructions precisely.

· Length of assignment: 750 words exactly.

o The title page, abstract page, and references section are excluded from this length.

o Exceeding or going under the required word count will result in a loss of points. The goal is to write succinctly.

· Format of assignment: APA current edition and use of scholarly tone.

o APA/scholarly style is a set of guidelines to help you write clear and specific scholarly communication. 

§ APA style refers to all aspects areas of writing and style and is more than the format of citations, references, and headings. 

§ Avoid writing in the first person in all scholarly writing. The third-person format is the required style unless unavoidable.

§ Always include citations and references as a minimum from the module required readings to corroborate your work.

§ Font is 12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced.

· Number of citations: minimum of 10 

o All required course readings and content should be cited and referenced.

o Please note that incorporating required readings from the first three course modules is essential to earn a minimum grade.

o The incorporation of additional citations beyond basic course required readings are more likely to earn a better grade.

o Adding scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles is required to improve your grade upon the minimum.

· Acceptable sources: Scholarly articles published within the last five years, course textbooks, course lectures and presentations, and biblical scriptures from the Bible.

Textbook: Blanchard & Broadwell

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