An unfair coin has a probability of coming up heads of 0.65. the coin

Question 1

An unfair coin has a probability of coming up heads of 0.65. The coin is flipped 50 times. What is the probability it will come up heads 25 or fewer times? (Give answer to at least 3 decimal places).


Question 2

An insurance company writes policies for a large number of newly-licensed drivers each year. Suppose 40% of these are low-risk drivers, 40% are moderate risk, and 20% are high risk. The company has no way to know which group any individual driver falls in when it writes the policies. None of the low-risk drivers will have an at-fault accident in the next year, but 10% of the moderate-risk and 20% of the high-risk drivers will have such an accident. If a driver has an at-fault accident in the next year, what is the probability that he or she is high-risk?

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