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Analyzing All in the Family, “Gloria Discovers Women’s Lib,” (1971) (Links to an external site.)

Please watch the episode using the link above and then answer the following questions in an informal 1 ½ – 2-page essay:

  1. In your opinion, did the episode offer a realistic portrait of sexism in 1970s America? Why? Why not? Please cite examples to support your interpretation.
  2. How does this episode portray feminism? Please include examples.
  3. What was the overall message of the episode? Did the humorous aspects of the episode add to or detract from that message?
  4. Compare this episode of All in the Family with current portrayals of sexism and feminism on television. How are they similar? How are they different?  
  5. Please conclude your essay with at least one question for discussion. Choose a question that you think will both enlighten and enliven your discussion section.
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