• choose a company from the lists below.
  • research a specific aspect of either purchasing or supply chain management. For instance, if I were to choose Toyota Motor Company, I would discuss attributes contributing to its lean supply chain management. My hypothesis would be similar to the following…Toyota has achieved manufacturing excellence in the automobile industry by effectively managing its supply chain through: 1) Inventory Optimization, 2) Rapid Fulfillment, 3) Customization, 4) Sustainability and 5) Compliance and Visibility. I would focus my research efforts at examining these five areas to build the case of manufacturing excellence to ultimately support my hypothesis statement.
  • paper is to be no more than 5 pages single spaced. Use of tables, charts, graphs etc… are encouraged. An appendix can be used to add additional information.
  • use APA guidelines to format your paper
  • A minimum of 15 references are required. This list must include a mix of: academic journal articles, professional trade magazines, internet based articles from newspapers, free lance authors etc…Note: youtube and wikipedia are not considered academic references.
  • all paper submissions will be reviewed using “turn-it-in” for authenticity.
  • deadline per syllabus